Our Projects

Events & Marketing

Innovating music, fashion, sports, live events and marketing.

Emerging tech creates new ways to connect with fans, customers, and target demographics. With augmented, virtual and 3D technologies laying the foundation for our Metaverse future, Metastage works with brands across a variety of verticals. Our pledge is to use the highest quality techniques and tools to transform your ideas into cutting edge experiences.

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Step into the future of location-based sports AR.

Immerse yourself in an at-home concert.

Step into the storybook.
Training & Education

Human performance for realistic XR simulations.

A training simulation is only good if it successfully prepares the trainees for real world scenarios. When training real people, you need to train using real people, not animated humans. Our technology allows for nuanced, realistic XR training by capturing either SMEs (subject matter experts) or highly trained actors in various scenarios, often with life or death outcomes.
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Develop critical-thinking and tactical skills in virtual worlds.

Unimaginably life-like, safe-to-fail environments.

Mixed-reality medical training for astronauts in deep space.

Movies, TV & Virtual Production

New ways of creating and promoting TV and film.

Increasingly, TV and Movie productions are going virtual, creating scenes through VFX workflows or even in game engines like Unreal. Our 3D performances can be placed into your existing shots to add background characters to scenes, or be used as hero assets for camera moves that would be challenging to shoot practically.
An actor portrays a rancher in a western film on a virtual production set with real set props and an LED wall.
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Get up close and personal.

Build fantastic worlds around volumetric performances with visual effects.

Take a volcap selfie with Michael Myers.
Impact & Innovation

Affecting change and pushing boundaries.

We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to the potential of our technology. Metastage supports indie, innovative, and impact projects through our VolCap Access Program — which offers discounts on a case-by-case basis to concepts that move the needle.

A lab student is guided by a hologram scientist instructor.
Hologram of scientist instructor interacts with a real scientist performing lab research.
Enter a sacred digital space to share messages of hope and healing.
Immortalizing once-in-a-lifetime moments.
Celebrate the nuances of human movement with 3D technology.

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