About Us

Metastage launched in 2018 to create an XR studio with world-leading volumetric capture at its center. We wanted Metastage to feel exciting, approachable, and professional. We wanted to create never-before-seen work using virtual production techniques. And we wanted to create a place where artists and performers felt inspired.


Our team of domain experts come from complementary technology fields to form a dynamic team. 200+ productions later, we’ve worked with celebrities, athletes, and public figures to immortalize their likeness for showcasing on virtual platforms. We’ve completed world firsts for augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual production. We have Emmy-nominated and award-winning projects.


Metastage is rooted in the belief that there need to be real people, with all their beautiful nuances, in our virtual future. And we want to work with similarly passionate teams to showcase XR technology in glorious, never-before-seen dimensions. Metastage, and our world leading developer partners, look forward to working with you to create innovative campaigns and products.

Our Team

Our team hails from all corners of virtual content technology and production.

From day one, our team ethos centered around collaboration, approaching every project with open-mindedness and boundary pushing energy. This approach has allowed us and our partners to break creative ground in the field, from live augmented reality concerts to interactive human holograms.
Christina Heller
Skylar Sweetman
Head of Production
Joel Jones Marino
Tech Overlord
Adam Titchenal
Project Manager
Leo Vezzali
Account Director
Jake Morgan
Capture Technician
Mari Young
Production Coordinator
Lex Voight


Want to learn more?

We offer metaverse consultations and host in-depth development discussions with you to help find the most cost-effective route to bringing your vision to life.