Snapchat x Halloween Kills

About the project

The first-ever volumetric Snapchat filter.

To promote the 12th installment of John Carpenter’s “Halloween Kills” movie series, this high-fidelity Snapchat lens brings Michael Myers’ masked killer to smartphones everywhere.

Project Details
“Michael Myers looks so realistic with volumetric video, it’s truly terrifying. We’re reaching new levels of terror with Snapchat.”

The Process

This was the first-ever VolCap hologram to appear on Snap. The Halloween Kills wardrobe team brought 15 versions of the infamous Michael Myers jumpsuit to ensure a clean solve (dark dyes in some clothing items absorb infrared light). Motion capture (MoCap) was used to capture the movement of the butcher knife, which was later removed from the asset and replaced with a CG knife. The actor was filmed with “flames lighting” to integrate seamlessly with the fiery effects applied in the lens.


Produced by: Universal Pictures

Development & Integration by: Snapchat, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios 

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