“Ninfa Atlas" by Lynne Marsh

About the project

Artistic inquiry into human form and gesture.

Canadian artist Lynne Marsh debuted her first comprehensive solo exhibition in the United States featuring volumetrically captured performers.

Project Details

The Process

Lynne Marsh took advantage of virtual production by capturing her 5 performers volumetrically. In game engine, she used virtual cameras to film the dancers against a variety of backdrops (including a digital twin of Metastage’s capture volume) with full flexibility to play with camera movements and angles.

Conceptually, having holographic captures of the figures added a layer of significance to a piece largely based around these iconic 3-dimensional representations of human form in classical art contexts.

“At once joyful and heartbreaking, Ninfa Atlas tracks the evolution of our gestures as they move between the realms of the aesthetic and the technical, always under threat, lost on one side but then found on the other"


Directed by: Lynne Marsh

3D animation by: Sara Drake

Funded by: Canada Council for the Arts and the University of California, Riverside

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