About the project

Extended reality teaching and training.

Holopatient is a 3D learning platform that helps medical students diagnose and treat real-world conditions through standardized patient scenarios – in virtual settings. The immersive experience gives students a chance to learn in a controlled environment.
Project Details
“Enabling students to hear, see and interact with holographic culturally diverse patients, and each other, provides some of the most cutting-edge and effective teaching and training modalities in our field.”

The Process

Each pathology in this experience required detailed planning and coordination with our subject matter experts (SME) in the medical field. The actors needed to look and act like patients experiencing real ailments, with diseases progressing (and diminishing) over the course of the lesson. To achieve this, special effects makeup was utilized along with careful direction from our experts. The final assets were processed at varying resolutions for deployment on either mobile devices and Microsoft’s Hololens.


Development & Integration: GigXR

“We can talk about anaphylaxis, but that’s not like actually seeing a patient go into shock. Through holopatient, you can explore the nuances of patient presentations that are hard to replicate in other ways.”

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