AT&T Presents Dallas Cowboys AR

About the project

An augmented stadium experience.

AT&T’s 5G fan experience is a larger-than-life augmented reality experience designed to bring NFL fans “up close and personal” with the biggest stars in the league, in one of the most technologically advanced entertainment venues in the world.

Instead of walking away with hats and jerseys, ticket holders snapped souvenir shots with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, practiced touch-down dances alongside wide receiver Amari Cooper, and captured video of 36-foot tall player holograms towering over the stadium walls.


Project Details
“It is tough to imagine a world where these activations aren’t spread out over all the league venues and become a common part of the fan experience at an NFL game.”

The Process

The challenge here was to optimize camera configuration so that the holograms looked sharp when viewed from below. We raised the capture stage so the athletes were standing higher within the volume, and arranged a row of cameras directly below the athletes to capture data under the chin and arms. Data was processed at extra high res to showcase the stadium’s early 5G connectivity. 


Production & Development by: Nexus Studios

Talent: Dallas Cowboys

Venue & Tech Partner: AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX


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