CharliXCX x Samsung

About the project

Campaigns come alive with VolCap + virtual production.

Metastage and R/GA partnered up to capture four unique performances from Charli XCX for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Tik Tok commercial.

Holographic technology allowed for innovative camera moves and experimental visual elements to be paired with animation. The result was a blend of video-game-style visuals with the smooth transitions of Tik Tok to “speak the language of Gen Z” and connect with the star’s tech-savy fan base.

Project Details

The Process

In-depth lighting and wardrobe tests were key for this shoot, which involved four distinct CG environments for Charli to perform in. The team captured both VolCap and 2D framed video of each look, so the schedule was mapped out minute-to-minute. In post, R/GA had tons of flexibility to experiment with camera angles, visual effects, and CG environments without burdening the talent or crew with long hours on set. Virtual production methods also allowed for a streamlined approvals process with Samsung.
“Volumetric capture is an efficient method of manifesting tech-heavy production[s]”


Production & Development by: R/GA


@charlixcx i hear clear sound and imagine crystal clear water droplets, hbu? 💧 check it out w/ Buds2 @Samsung #ad ♬ Good Ones – Charli XCX

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