Breonna's Garden

About the project

An artistic model of transformative justice.

Breonna’s Garden is  an immersive “veneration experience” created by art curator Lady PheØnix in collaboration and solidarity with Breonna Taylor’s family. More than just a safe space to process grief around Breonna’s death, the project honors her life and identity.

Project Details

The Process

The goal as production partners in this project was to create a safe space for sharing and professional atmosphere around a sensitive subject. Having Ju’Niyah and Tamika Palmer’s testimonials volumetrically captured meant that Sutu and Lady PheØnix were able to build experiences in both AR and VR. In the collaborative spirit of the production, visitors of the piece were able to leave their own messages of love, support and remembrance for Breonna Taylor’s family.

“Life is attracted to this place."
—Lady PheØnix


Directed by: Lady Pheønix

Audio Engineering by: Ecco VR

Executive Producer: Joanna Popper

Production Companies: EyeJack, YesUniverse



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