Axon Police De-escalation Training

About the project

Industry-leading content that allows trainees to work through complex scenarios.

For AXON’s leading-edge public safety VR training library, Metastage co-directed a series of branching narrative police de-escalation trainings. The project facilitated the creation of muscle memory and familiar responses in critical, high-risk situations by integrating AXON’s TASER 7 device and training handguns – allowing officers to use real hardware in fail-safe environments.
Project Details

The Process

Gamified VR products using volcap avatars must be considered start to finish within the earliest stages of planning. Metastage covered every phase of this production from branching-narrative scripting to casting. For the experience to play seamlessly, the actors needed to start and end their performances in the same position. In one of the narratives, the “suspect” was a driver who is asked to exit the car he is driving. Since we could not capture the car on stage, these performances were carefully designed in pre-production so that they aligned perfectly with the CG props and environments in post.


Produced by: Axon

Development & Integration: RiVR, Foundry4

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