Ava Max x Coca-Cola

About the project

A cosmic concert to launch Coca-Cola’s Starlight beverage.

Ava Max’s space-inspired performance trilogy is a visually-stunning immersive show developed by Coca-Cola’s global innovation platform “Coca-Cola Creations.” Coke drinkers and Ava fans scanned the limited-edition Starlight beverage to bring a “floating” AR asteroid into their real-world environment via mobile browser.

Project Details
“Coca-Cola Starlight takes people on a journey in the same way that music has the ability to transport listeners to new worlds with each song.”

The Process

For Metastage, the goal was to capture Ava Max performing a full set of three songs. The team executed elaborate hair and wardrobe testing to find the right looks that would do justice to the intergalactic concert while also leaning into volumetric best practices. Our system did well with shiny costuming, defying expectations about volcap limitations. 

Backup dancers were captured on stage, then retextured to look like starry holograms. File size was also a consideration. In order to run smoothly on 8th wall amidst an elaborate, dynamic virtual set, each song was cut into three distinct sections, using transitions to bridge them. The result was a concert and 8th wall experience never seen before. 


Directed by: Virtue (Vice Media)

Technical Development: Tool of North America

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