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We believe that authentic human performances have the power to breathe life to virtual environments. For that reason, we are launching a new product that will open the door for all creators eager to work with volumetric capture data.


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Volumetric Videos

Metastage creates fully 3D performance captures that can be easily implemented into game engines and distributed across platforms. Volumetric capture is the process for bringing authentic human performances into virtual worlds.

Interactive Holograms

Volumetric content can be programmed into interactive holograms with a carefully planned branching narrative. We do capture, software integrations, custom hardware activations and packaging. Contact the Metastage team for more details.


Our Work

The Metastage team is here to help guide, assist, and advise on projects across the XR landscape.
Our technical approach is always driven by the creative vision, pushing boundaries
and experimenting with what’s possible. We are proud of the diverse portfolio of projects we
have contributed to, and inspired by the innovative teams that we have had the pleasure of
collaborating with.

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Metastage brings authentic human performances into digital worlds. As the first US partner of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture system, we are thrilled to be able to pair groundbreaking technology with a premium production pipeline, making it accessible to creative from all walks of life

We offer a la carte or end-to-end production services for your project at our state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California.

“If you want the best in volumetric capture, Metastage is the choice, no question.”

— Graham Roberts / New York Times

It has been an absolute pleasure to work in collaboration with Metastage. Their workspace is very well-equipped and their expertise is unparallelled.

— Antoine Cayrol, Atlas V

We've had nothing but perfect experiences working with Metastage. They're eager to innovate and continually challenge the visual limits of capture technology.

— Luke Ritchie, Head of XR, Nexus

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The power of human presence, in virtual 3D space.

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