5 Years in, We’re Just Beginning

Metastage launched in 2018 to create a premium volumetric video production studio and a platform for great XR content to come to life. We wanted our studio to feel exciting, approachable, and professional. Most importantly, we wanted to create a place where artists and performers felt inspired.

Our team of domain experts from related fields began a journey we could never have imagined. 200+ productions later, we’ve worked with celebrities, athletes, and public figures to immortalize their likeness for showcasing on virtual platforms. Recently, we collaborated with the Industrial Light & Magic team to craft the first-ever Star Wars hologram that is itself, a hologram.

Over the years we’ve established industry-leading protocols and created a safe place for creators to execute visions that truly run the gamut. From 5G stadium experiences, to immersive break dance, to crowd simulations for episodic TV – we’ve had projects nominated for Emmys and participated in many world firsts. All the while, our team has grown stronger, with spirits and camaraderie just as high as the day we started. 

With Apple’s foray into spatial computing on the horizon, our team stands more steadfast than ever in the belief that there need to be real people, with all their beautiful nuances, in this virtual future.

We’re excited to announce the re-launch of our blog – born out of a desire to demystify the world of virtual content creation, elevate and comment upon thought leadership in the XR space, and provide a more intimate window into the diverse array of creative use-cases we’ve been so lucky to contribute to over the last half-decade. 

Thanks for being part of the journey 🙂

-Team Metastage

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