Experts in volumetric capture, Metastage has completed over 200 projects with award-winning results. We're building a virtual future that celebrates real people, performances, and places.

Events & Marketing

Innovating music, fashion, sports, live events and marketing with live action 3D capture technology.

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Training & Education

Strengthen XR simulations with real authentic human performance.

Movies, TV & Virtual Production

Innovative approach to TV and film through virtual production and XR promotion.

An actor portrays a rancher in a western film on a virtual production set with real set props and an LED wall.
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A lab student is guided by a hologram scientist instructor.
Hologram of scientist instructor interacts with a real scientist performing lab research.
Impact & Innovation

Affecting change and pushing boundaries through immersive storytelling.


Esteemed Clients

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some incredible clients throughout the years, below are a select few.

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