Volumetric Video

Volumetric capture is the process for bringing authentic human performances into virtual worlds. Metastage creates fully 3D performance captures that can be easily implemented into game engines and distributed across platforms.

Volumetric Video

Immersive and holographic media require new approaches for world building and storytelling; We are breaking free from the frame and into fully immersive worlds. Creating realistic live action scenes that display dimension is a mandate for bringing reality into both AR and VR.

  • We create volumetric video – 3D performance capture from every angle.
  • You can then view these performances in virtual or augmented reality as if they are right in front of you.
  • Our multi-stage process creates  high fidelity captures at file sizes small enough to stream on mobile.
  • We make the capture part easy, so you can focus on your creative goals.
  • Turnaround for most projects is within 2 weeks.
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The power of human presence, in virtual 3D space.

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