Use Cases

Use Cases

We’re still in the early stages of this medium so every idea, no matter how strange, is fair game. Here are areas in which we’ve done work, but even there, we’re just at the tip of the iceberg.


  • Bring the world’s best athletes into fans’ living rooms or entertain them at the stadium with mobile AR.
  • Immortalize our best athletes while in their prime, or bring them in simulated VR experience.
  • Volumetric capture brings fans closer than ever to the athletes they admire.


  • Create the ultimate educational experience by bringing the world’s great masters into the living room. Nothing compares to feeling a teacher’s energy as they explain and show how to do something.
  • Volumetric is especially interesting in learning anything physical, where viewers can now study and mimic the movements of the professional.


  • The next best thing to in person training is a realistic simulation. And sometimes, if safety is a concern, a simulation might be the best alternative!
  • Using actors or your company’s best managers, you can create interactive training scenarios that train as well as teach.


  • Volumetric gets fans closer than ever to their favorite performers, while immortalizing these iconic musicians for generations to come.
  • Great musicians can perform their biggest hits similar to a live concert. This performance can be brought into AR or VR with endless possibilities for fan engagement.

Virtual Tours

  • A tour is nothing without an expert guide. We can capture the world’s greatest tour guides for both site-specific AR experiences activated on phones, or take someone to the location from the comfort of their couch in virtual reality.
  • This technology is also great for enterprise facility tours. Less foot traffic on site, and easier access for potential partners.

Executive Presentations/Trade Shows

  • Dazzle at your next board meeting or trade show by having leading executives present your company’s most important messages.
  • Whether that’s giving someone a one-on-one presentation in an AR or VR headset, or the illusion of accessibility to anyone, anywhere on a mobile device or ipad, volumetric capture can revolutionizing business communication.


  • Museums are often leaders when it comes to engaging the latest in interactive technology. Holographic capture brings more immersive entertainment to the existing installations.
  • Living artists can now discuss their work as if standing right next to it.
  • Actors can portray historical figures who act as docents to the exhibits.
  • Public figures can lend their commentary on the mission of the museum.


  • People are looking for new ways to connect with their favorite inspirational figures. By spending time with these motivational celebrities, they are inspired to push themselves further.
  • Volumetric capture allows that face to face access and inspiration anytime, anywhere, with a similar feeling of presence.


  • Bring real actors and famous public figures into your video games with ease. No mocap suits or weeks of VFX. Perfect for in-game narrative elements!
  • Bring celebrity cameos into your games with complete authenticity and without disrupting your existing pipeline. Our plugins for Unity and Unreal integrate into your project the same way as any 3D asset.
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