The Metastage App

The Metastage App

Our passion is to put real people inside immersive experiences.

In our AR-capable app you can:

Place, scale, and rotate captured content in your environment
Load captured content from any website link
Save content in a playlist
Capture images and video clips you can share
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The Metastage App is multi-purpose. It can be used as a tool for our clients to review their captured performances. It can be a performance stage for musicians, public figures, artists, and brands to reach out to fans in an innovative way. It can be white labeled, reskinned, and built upon for brand activations, special events, or as accompanying content for episodic content.
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Laura Rizzotto: “One More Night”

To accompany the release of her single, “One More Night,” Brazilian-Latvian pop artist Laura Rizzotto worked with us to record and release the first ever full length volumetric music video performance. With Rizzotto’s creative direction and our expertise, we used the opportunity to capture her performance with a diverse set of wardrobe, concert stage lighting, and choreography.

Fans of Rizzotto and of AR holograms alike shared their own videos, pictures, and creative compilations of her performances. Forbes released the exclusive story, celebrating the power of AR for creative content sharing and the release of a mobile device app dedicated to AR holograms.

Video Case Study: 

Omarion Worldwide & the Millennium 2 Tour: #DanceWitO

Within the app we featured three captures of O, including a “Thank You” dedication to his fans, a special handshake with his twin brother, and a dance performance choreographed for fans to dance along with. To promote his upcoming Millennium 2 concert tour, we added Omarion’s banner at the bottom of the playlist (image right), through which fans can link to the concert ticket purchasing platform and the social media pages for the other artists on the tour.

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