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Metastage Opens Microsoft-Powered Volumetric Capture Studio in Los Angeles

Hollywood, get ready to make holograms: Metastage, a new studio for volumetric video capture for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and holographic experiences, opened its doors at Culver Studios in Culver City, Calif., on Tuesday.

A Hologram Hits the Runway

In the Times AR team’s first rendition of video that you can walk around, Ashley Graham is “a model in motion without the filters, the Photoshopping and the angles the fashion industry is used to.”

Metastage Launches AR App With First-Ever Holographic Performances By Laura Rizzotto

Volumetric capture studio launches augmented reality app with two holographic performances from Eurovision artist Laura Rizzotto, including a historic debut.

Volumetrically Capturing Authentic Digital Actors, with Metastage’s Christina Heller

Even with all the advancements in CG animation, it can’t capture that distinctly lifelike essence that a real human exudes. But XR can capture that essence — volumetrically. Metastage CEO Christina Heller drops by to discuss the process of transcribing the aura of a person into XR space.

Asad J. Malik’s AR Studio, 1RIC, Is Scaling—To Ground The Augmented In Reality (Exclusive)

The studio behind Terminal 3 and A Jester’s Tale just inked a seven-figure investment deal, recruited veteran Executive Producer Ela Topcuoglu, and established offices in Los Angeles, CA.

Christina Heller of Metastage

Tyler and Sophia talk with Christina Heller, CEO of Metastage, about all things possible with volumetric capture, where the technology is today and where it’s going.

Jan Kounen Discusses Virtual Reality Experience ‘Ayahuasca’

Jan Kounen, the Netherlands-born French film filmmaker whose best-known credits are “Dobermann‎” and “Blueberry,” has delivered his most personal work so far with “Ayahuasca,” a virtual reality experience exploring shamanic medicine from the Peruvian jungle.

100 Beyonces in your living room? The Future of Television conference redefines viewing

How will you be watching television and screen content in the future, what will you be watching it on, and what kind of entertainment experiences will you be having?

The 2nd Level Podcast

How did VR reach the mainstream? Marcie Jastrow and Christina Heller (MetaStage) discuss the past present and future of VR AR XR and all the rest of the “Rs!”

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