Viacom: Light As A Feather

Viacom: Light As A Feather

Project Goal:

To promote the season 2 premiere of Hulu’s hit show “Light as a Feather,” Awesomeness TV, ViacomXR Lab, and Magic Leap joined forces to create an augmented reality experience at VidCon 2020 in which users interact with virtual characters to solve the mystery of the show. To add a layer of interactivity to the experience, ViacomXR developed a mixed reality side-experience where users could be filmed with the virtual actors as if they themselves were the subjects of the “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” game.

What We Did:

ViacomXR brought the actors of “Light as a Feather” to Metastage to bring their performances to live in this immersive virtual puzzle. There were several volumetric capture challenges to overcome with this project. In the final piece, the actors would be interacting with digital props, physical set pieces and each other, meaning that each of their lines and actions needed to be shot and delivered with precise timing and blocking. The ViacomXR team also leveraged the gaze adjustment shader to ensure that the digital meshes could accurately interact with their surroundings. We worked with them, Magic Leap, and Awesomeness TV every step of the way to make sure that each of their goals (creative and technical) could be achieved.

The Result:

Between the immersive AR game, the interactive mixed reality experience, and all of the user generated content that could be shared and enjoyed across media platforms, the collaborators on this activation created a cutting edge way for fans to interact with original TV show content – the first of its kind to ever be released on the Magic Leap platform.

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