Key Advantages

Authentic Performance

With volumetric capture, no special suits are needed. The subject or performer simply goes out onto the center of the capture stage in their regular clothes or a costume, without trackers or applied markers. The capture takes place in real time, as the person goes through their actions. This data then goes through a render step, and what comes off the render farm is production ready, no additional animation needed. You have a totally authentic representation of what transpired live.

The process is intended to present that performance with as much integrity as possible. Volcap attempts to create and preserve the closest thing to the actual physical performance that has ever existed. In that sense, volumetric capture is the real person’s seat at the virtual table.

No Uncanny Valley

The impact of human performance can slip away at even the slightest trace of CG intervention. Metastage strives to bridge the valley of believability in virtual holograms, so that the focus of your content sharply on the message, not the distracted by the backend.

Small File Sizes

Our assets can be output at resolutions as small as 4MB per second, to make workflow as flexible and easy as possible.

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The power of human presence, in virtual 3D space.

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