Verizon and Capitol Records: JAMES DAVIS 5G Hackathon

Verizon and Capitol Records: JAMES DAVIS 5G Hackathon

JAMESDAVIS, from Verizon x Capitol Records project, Dec 2018

Project Goal:

In early December, 2018, Capitol Music 360’s creativity and innovation marathon, “Capitol Royale,” hosted a Hackathon, challenging participants from across the technology and design landscape to imagine what the future of music consumption, products, and services might look like – and then build it.

What We Did:

Partnered with Verizon, RYOT, Metastage, and many others, CM360 armed hackathoners with tools and building blocks to create unique experiences for a future where 5G network speeds are ubiquitous. The rising R&B sibling trio, JAMES DAVIS, came to Metastage to volumetrically capture a full musical performance of their song, “CREAM.” The band and their team from Capitol Records worked with us to find ways to express their brand.

The Result:

We captured the song four ways: individually per band member, and once with the whole group performing together. Having each of these assets allowed the developers the creative flexibility to highlight each performer’s unique style and energy as well as their dynamic as a group. With these tools, they cultivated multidimensional virtual performances that elevated the digital media experience, glimpsing into a future of holograms.

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