Interested in finding out how Metastage can mesh with your project?

We create volumetric video – 3D performance capture from every angle.

You can then view these performances in virtual or augmented reality as if they are right in front of you.

Our multi-stage process creates  high fidelity captures at file sizes small enough to stream on mobile. 

We make the capture part easy, so you can focus on your creative goals. 

Turnaround for most projects is within 2 weeks.

No additional VFX needed. 

Easy integration into Unity and Unreal.

Publish to any platform.

Metastage brings authentic human performances into digital worlds. We are the first US partner for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture system and paired it with an expert team housed in a state-of-the-art facility in Southern California.

We offer a la carte or end-to-end production services for your project. 

“If you want the best in volumetric capture, Metastage is the choice, no question.”

— Graham Roberts / New York Times

(Normals / Mesh // Final Output)

106 synchronized cameras
  • 53 IR + 53 RGB cameras
  • 12MP sensors 
  • 30 fps standard (up to 60 fps)

IR texture projectors 16 Channel Sennheiser Audio Recording System

8 ft diameter and 8 ft ceiling

  • Smaller configuration yields higher resolution captures
  • Larger configuration can accommodate up to 10 feet
  • Multiple subjects captured simultaneously
  • Suspension rigging capable
  • Treadmill for walking, talking augmented tours

Legitimate authentic human performances.