TUMI: Chris Pratt x TUMI Club App

TUMI, Awethentic Studio: TUMI x Chris Pratt

Celebrity Avatar for TUMI – glimpse into the future of retail with AR as Chris Pratt’s virtual avatar demonstrates the comfort and versatility of TUMI luggage!

Project Goal:

At the TUMI Loft event in Hong Kong’s Pacific Place, a 3D avatar of Chris Pratt shares how fun, versatile, and comfortable TUMI luggage is in augmented reality through the TUMI Club App. In the app, Pratt invites users to pose with him for a photo or video, which fans can then share with friends or post on social media.

What We Did:

Working with A-list celebrities often means having a very limited time frame in which to work, as their schedules tend to be packed minute-to-minute. We had a mere 30 minutes of stage time with Pratt for volumetric capture, which was just enough time to get three excellent shots for the project.

The Result:

This holographic was the perfect interactive counterpart to the TUMI Loft experience center, and a wonderful way to celebrate the brand’s new partnership with Chris Pratt. For a company that puts the journey of discovery at the forefront of their mission, Pratt’s holographic experience brings the brand’s innovation and creativity right into the hands of TUMI customers.

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