Royal Caribbean Cruises: Celebrity Edge Access Tour

Royal Caribbean Cruises: Celebrity Edge Access Tour

Project Goal:

Travel industry leader Royal Caribbean Cruises has been leveraging pioneer technology for years, innovating with every new ship they build. These innovations are aimed at elevating the vacationer’s experience and improving sustainability. This past winter, RCC launched the Celebrity Edge cruise ship with several groundbreaking technologies, including an augmented reality and audio-guided tour of the ship. In this intimate tour, Richard and Lisa use their own words to introduce passengers to the most innovative and restricted areas on the ship.

What We Did:

Metastage worked with Trigger Global to volumetrically capture the performances of Royal Carribbean Cruises CEO and Chairman Richard Fain and Celebrity Edge President and CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo. Passengers are welcomed to explore the ship and given location-based information on aspects of design, engineering, and inspiration for each unique feature of the space. What we love about this AR tour – even beyond the fun of having hologram technology at our fingertips – is Richard and Lisa’s personable and enthusiastic performances. They spoke casually and warmly without a script, so their words feel genuine and totally authentic. Richard wanted the tour to feel natural and warm as if he and Lisa were personally delivering it to each and every one of their guests, and the captures do not betray.

The Result:

The app has been very well received by users and is an excellent example of the power authentic performances in location based immersive experiences.

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