The New York Times: Ashley Graham Unfiltered

The New York Times: Ashley Graham Unfiltered

Project goal:

To kick off 2018 New York Fashion Week, the New York Times published an interview with supermodel and activist Ashley Graham, but rather than leaning on photographic imagery alone, The Times complimented Ashley’s message by showcasing a volumetric mobile AR hologram of the supermodel, streamable within the New York Tims app. This was The Times’ first foray into volcap holographic content, and the next phase of their immersive app.

Ashley, a long-time champion of body positivity and unfiltered images of women in fashion media, was the perfect first subject for this new chapter in streaming immersive content. In this piece, Ashley arrives unfiltered, unaltered, completely authentic and viewable from every angle.

What We Did:

Like many celebrities, Ashley’s time was extremely limited. We had just a few hours of her time for hair and makeup, blocking, shooting, and her interview for the piece before she was due on a plane. We consulted with the NYTimes team in the weeks leading up to the shoot on wardrobe, hair, and makeup, providing images from past looks that fit within our capture guidelines. Our on set and trusted HMU & Wardrobe specialist worked closely with Ashley’s styling team to make sure the right decisions were being made for volcap.

One of our biggest challenges was figuring out how to capture the model’s signature catwalk within our 8ft volume. For this, we used an all green treadmill without handles and remotely controlled the start, stop and speed – carefully – offstage. Ashley walked like a pro.

The final step was processing her data at half size so that it could easily stream straight from the New York Times’ mobile app (iOS). Finding the perfect balance of quality and compression was a big step for our second ever volcap project.

The Result:

The final piece is beautiful, memorable, and impactful, allowing millions of readers to experience an authentic holographic representation of a known person’s true performance. It’s a testament to how the high-fidelity volcap has finally intersected with streaming technology, opening up the gates to a new landscape for sharing 3D holographic media.

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