1RIC: A Jester’s Tale

1RIC: A Jester’s Tale

Project Goal:

Director Asad J. Malik of augmented reality studio 1RIC aimed to create a branching narrative experience where the viewer interacts with the holograms they see before them. Our holographic captures were assembled in game engine and integrated into the Magic Leap headset so that they would seamlessly appear before the viewer inside of Malik’s on-site installation. The end result is a filmic AI driven, location-based augmented reality experience, crossing the boundaries between theater, film, and technology.

What We Did:

Every project has its challenges that make it special, but this project presented several particular challenges. Because this was to be an AI driven branching narrative experience, we had to figure out a way to naturally loop the assets during periods of waiting once the viewer had been prompted to answer a question.

The actors’ holograms were ultimately going to be projected onto real-world objects, so all of our blocking and props needed to behave exactly like the real thing so that the transition from props to set would be seamless. Having each shot laid out, both for props and looping was critical to our process

The Result:

Powered by IMB Watson (voice-activated responses), the experience of our holograms became truly interactive within the immersive set 1RIC created at their Sundance premier. The piece gained national acclaim for Malik’s innovative integration of technology and immersive theater, getting write ups in several publications including Billboard and Forbes.

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